68 Stocking Stuffers From a Drug Store - If You are Short on Time

“Short on time” – that has been my tagline for 2021.

I am not proud of this, there is simply no denying it.

In this last month, I finally felt like I was turning the corner. My Christmas preparation was moving along at a nice clip. Yet, here I am two days before Christmas with items remaining on my to do list.

Once again, I find myself, short on time.

I have two attributes working in my favor. I am resourceful (because it sounds better than desperate) and focused (because it sounds better than neurotic).

My to-do list has several items that are partially complete, stocking stuffers are one such line item. Small gifts for each family member reside in an Amazon box behind the coats in my closet. I have collected items over several months from various stores, each one is something that I am excited about. I don’t want to add gifts for the sake of adding gifts, but I would like to pick up a few more items, but I’m short on time.

As I was driving home, a solution struck me – the drug store. Given its small physical footprint, variety of merchandise, and relatively few shoppers, the drug store was an excellent option. There were plenty of options.

In case you too are finding yourself short on time, and looking for stocking stuffers, have a look at the following list I compiled during my quick tour of the store.

1. activity book for kids

2. band-aids

3. bath bombs

4. bath Salts

5. body wash

6. bubble bath

7. chocolate bars

8. colored pencils

9. comb

10. coffee

11. cookies

12. corkscrew

13. crossword word puzzle books

14. dolls

15. dry brush

16. earbuds

17. emery board

18. essential oils

19. eye shadow

20. eyelash curler

21. gift cards

22. grooming kit

23. gua sha stone

24. gum

25. honey

26. hair clips or pins

27. hair mask

28. hair ties

29. hairband

30. hairbrush

31. jade roller

32. jerky

33. lint roller

34. lotion

35. loofah or body puff

36. magazines

37. makeup bag

38. makeup brushes

39. markers

40. mints

41. notebook

42. nail brush number

43. nail care set

44. nail polish

45. ornament

46. paints

47. Perfume/cologne

48. phone charger

49. pistachios

50. pizza cutter

51. play-doh

52. popcorn

53. potholder

54. protein bars

55. razor

56. reusable straws

57. scented candles

58. silly string

9. sleep mask

60. slinky

61. socks

62. Souduku

63. spices and seasonings

64. tea

65. toothbrush

66. toy car

67. Water bottle

68. Whisk

Merry Christmas!

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