Open Letter To My Daughter As She Enters Middle School

An open letter to my Daughter as she prepares for Middle School

Sweet Pea,

Last week we were talking in the car about the upcoming school year. You will be starting Middle School - time truly does fly. I said that I was excited for you. In your ever inquisitive way, you asked "why."

Friendship was my answer.

This of course caused you to tilt your head in that cute little way you have done since you were small. The head tilt that I have come to know as your non-verbal way of saying "tell me more".

So I did. I told you about how Middle School is a time when friends become an important part of your life. Friendships will be less dependent upon the play dates that are set up on your behalf, and more dependent upon how you connect with others.

Reading your mind, I continued to explain that this evolution has already started and validated that your current friends are good ones. It is my sincere hope that these ladies are your friends for life.

You smiled and the conversation shifted (probably to Harry Potter because it is your favorite topic these days).

But there is more about friendship that I want to share with you, my love.


Have grace for your friends, and trust that they will in turn have grace for you.


Listen to what your friends say. Good friends will lift you up, encourage, motivate, and hold you accountable. People who use words to hurt are not your friends.

Listen to what they don't say. Some of the funniest people I have known harbor deep pain, pain that they don't want the world to see. A good friend will hear the unspoken words and provide a safe place.


Your smile is beautiful (I know that I am your Mom and biased, but it is true)! Your smile is beautiful because it is more than courteous, it is genuine. The world needs your joy, share it often.


Trust your gut (you won't regret a decision made by trusting your gut). Give friends reasons to trust you (don't talk behind another's back, and don't pass along rumors). Trust others enough to let them be a friend to you.

You have shown such good judgement I look forward to watching you handle Middle School, friends, and whatever life brings your way with ambition and poise.

You are an absolute gift my sweet and I love you always.


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