Welcome to the first Semi-Crunchy Life blog post.

(Boooring – no one will read more than the first line.)


(Nope – I am not an iPhone) 


(Woah, seems a little aggressive)

I can feel a smile growing as I begin to laugh at myself. Typical – I tend to way overthink small details. Truly, you would probably read the first paragraph and not think twice, while I am overthinking each word in the sentence.

As I sit back in my chair and close my eyes, I think back to the most recent time a friend came over. When I opened the door, what did I say? With that in mind:

Welcome! I’m so glad that you are spending time here. I love the details in life, they are where I find wonder, joy, and love.

Details, details, details…

You probably have heard others say (maybe you have said it yourself) don’t waste your time on the details, nobody will notice them. They are wrong -  details take something ordinary and transform it into something quite extraordinary.

A carefully tied double-faced satin bow on a gift.

The cherry on top of an ice cream sundae.

Carefully folded napkins at the dinner table.

Each detail, while small independently, indicates a bit of extra attention and love.

These details can also make be a bit of a Type A perfectionist which can be rewarding and exhausting. A decade ago, I naively thought that I managed these tendencies quite well. The addition of our sweet daughter nearly took me down. Kiddos have changed me. The joys are so much greater, watching a baby giggle in awe of a bubble is nothing short of amazing. Parenting has also been humbling. So VERY humbling. I have accepted that perfection is no longer a reasonable expectation. It has taken me a long time to get here, but I have finally accepted that I am better off not being perfect. With that in mind, I am intentionally choosing a happy life over a perfect one. Join me as I explore the semi-crunchy life.

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