30 Day Challenge: Wash Your Face!

Earlier this year I wrote a post about my 30-day challenge to complete a Five-Minute Plank (read about it here). Now that we are halfway through the year it seems appropriate for a new 30-day challenge. 

I like to think of myself as a committed person. After all, my college boyfriend (and now husband) and I have been together for more than two decades, I make it to the dentist to twice a year, and I have yet to forget to pack a school lunch for my kiddos (knock on wood). I can make a very compelling case for my ability to commit, but there is one area where my commitment level is, virtually nonexistent - washing my face before bed. 

I have unsuccessfully set out to add this to my daily routine many times over. So why take on a challenge that I have consistently failed to complete? Washing my face in the evening has become my nemesis. I do not like to fail. It is time.

So, you know my why, but how am I going to assure that this time is different? Well, I have a plan! First, I equipped myself with proper tools and selected on a specific event to link with this new addition to my routine. 

What tools? Before washing my face, I find it helpful to give it a quick onceover with a microfiber makeup removing pad. My favorite brand is Beauty by Earth, for several reasons the most compelling of which is that they work! Microfiber is in the name, so you know that they are soft, but they are also an eco-friendly swap for the disposable makeup wipes that I had been using. I find that warm water is typically all that I need to take off the bulk of my daily makeup.

In March I began using the Mad Hippie product line for my morning face washing routine. This may sound odd, but after the first use, my face felt nourished! Even better, this feeling has continued. I have noticed a difference in my skin's hydration and overall tone. For my evening routine I selected the Mad Hippie Cleansing Oil, a nighttime serum (Exfoliating and Vitamin A to be used on alternating nights), and Face Cream.

After reflecting upon past failures, I recognized that part of my problem was that I always intended to wash my face after I brushed my teeth and before I removed my contacts. Logically sequenced, but unfortunately, I did not account for the time of day. This routine often takes place late in the evening. If I am being honest, I am tired after a full day and looking to get into bed as quickly as possible. Thank goodness for my Sonicare (that built-in timer maintains the integrity of tooth brushing), contact removal is pretty darn quick, but skipping my face washing has been the low hanging fruit.

Not this time. This time is different. Determined not to let sleepiness be my downfall, I decided that while the kids are off brushing their teeth, my evening face washing routine will commence.

Armed with the proper tools and a plan, the 30-day challenge has begun!

Results thus far?

It sure feels good to have a successful start! Aside from a few out-of-town weekends, I have been consistent! While my 30 days is not yet up, I have a good feeling about it this time, and I have you to keep me accountable. 

Products I am using click on any to view:

Beauty By Earth Exfoliating Pads

Mad Hippie Exfoliating Serum

Mad Hippie Vitamin A 

Mad Hippie Face Cream 

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